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Yeah, that's right, the 13th day of the 15th month.

It's been a while (for me) since my last real entry; I've been rather busy. I'll try and show why. I'm very close to one of my long-term goals, and have been working on it whenever the opportunity presented itself. I'm sure you can all guess what it is.

LJ cut to save your loading times!

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A chilly past - first look at northlands!

This will have a lot of screenshots, so I'll do the LJ cut thing to stop it messing up your browser and taking forever to load. I got to have a run around the new northlands [s] zones earlier, and took many SS while doing so!

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Other notable ffxi stuff:

th4 for Dooom! Also got sch hat on an uncontested free-lot. I love the potential of that job, and am very interested in it. I'm very close to believing that sch has almost made blm obsolete for many things; see kanican for the blm/sch comparisons which have made me think so highly of sch, and made me think that blm is in a lot of trouble.

almost there :3

Oh, and I made a ffxiwiki account, because the mnk maat page was exactly FUCK ALL help, and I wanted to try and correct some very bad advice on there.

Also, final credit to Wolf, for making me laugh on a day where I almost snapped and dropped my FusionRR pearl, such was my general foul mood and annoyance at everyone.



This might be a bit emo and self-indulgent, but whatever. Needs doing.

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There is, of course, a ffxi-related point to all this. If people put pressure on me which I don't want right now, I will tell you where to stick it. I have every reason to. No one can deny how hard I have worked to keep FusionRR going recently, and attempts to make me feel bad will have me retaliate in kind, and the results won't be pretty. I have every reason to say what's on my mind, and it's not all bright rays and sunshine. I'm sure someone will think "heh, he's only saying this because he got his thf gloves", to which I respond - get fucked. They offer a minimal increase in drops, and the main reason I wanted them was for the overall good of the dyna LS (I'm always on thf, it'd make sense for me to have TH4). Try asking me what I really want before jumping to conclusions.

And if you recognise where the LJ Cut title is from, you need to stop stalking me.

Attn: Nix

How can you think this looks bad? :(

Compare it to this, which I'll be rocking soon (I hope):

Looks OK, but not great. Sorta sucks that as soon as I get Homam body, something which beats it is released, haha. Oh well!

And yes, 4/5 Homam as of Friday, and I'm struggling to see how to improve my thf TP set now. Shall post something sometime, I guess.
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We Are The Romans

This is the first line of my new LJ entry. It serves no purpose, unlike the title.

This is a picture of me after beating pld Maat. I also beat thf Maat. 5/15 done.

This is me dinging active merit #400 while skilling up great sword with that thingy which drops from Olla in Sky. I dinged merit #400 a while ago though - I've cancelled close to 20 merits. I lost count.

Here is me and Albi and Wei after getting our new Homam drops last week. Those boots cost me 53 points - that's almost 18 limbus runs worth! I earned those puppies.

This is some very odd exp-scroll exp.

This is what my 1st orb on some BCNM runs got. My 2nd got Ni. We did sell/split. Nix and Krayge got junk.

This is a dynamis drop \o/ Jeuno was fun. Tonight's Sandy wasn't.

This is a fishing skill-up I got while watching Terminator 2 at 2am. That film is awesome.

This is me getting gloves I have mostly out-grown. WS piece on drk, I guess.

And this is me, trying to make people smile.

Oh, I also decided to start work on a Mandau. Some people (notably, no one in my LS, no one I know, no one I'm bothered about) are upset I'm doing this while not having N-head or N-legs. To them I say: fuck you, bitches!!! I don't give a shit what you think. I'm doing this to have fun. I spent time in DA trying to buy N-head, guess what? No one's selling! And I hate camping Kings! And my Einherjar group is dead and buried, and I don't give a shit! I'm doing this to have fun. I'm only 212 levels away from maat's cap anyway. If I'm pulling dynamis then I might as well take this opportunity, right? I can fund it easily, and I have some armor I barely use which I can sell if I get into a bind. Just a bit worried about the northlands items, but meh, I'll find a way. I always do, right? As I'm sure some of the people I know can attest to. I'm feeling very determined recently, despite my sadness. Little memories popping up, reminding me of things from my childhood and beyond, making me sad, which is good, right? It means I'm alive, that I'm a thinking being with feelings and things - and people! - that matter to me. It means that everything isn't grey. But whatever. I doubt most of you, oh humble live journal reader (and thank you for taking the time to read this), cares. What's most important to one person is nothing to almost everyone else.

This is the last line of my new live journal entry. It serves no purpose, unlike the title.

I am a crafting bomb.

Happy new year! Not too many words for this update, mostly pictures. Like this one:

That's it Mikhe! Tempt him by BENDING OVER AND SHAKING.

Fairly odd comments, I think you'll agree (regarding the second one: we somehow decided Kirin is my dad, and Psy wants red legs. I forget how that conversation occured). However...

Death by Snoo Snoo? :D This LS seems to have lots of women. They seem to like me. Some of the guys do too. I think Nix likes me less after this though...

Note Wolf's message on the second screenshot. How right he was! I did manage to HQ one for Nix eventually though, which is good, as I felt awful for blowing up her Claw. This happened later that day, though...

Yeah. That's what I get for buying them at 150k below market price! Q_Q

Anyway. Aside from being whored off and blowing things up, I've been keeping busy. Helped Zark camp Roc a few more times, which finally saw this:

Done a lot of BCNM and KSNM runs, but nothing of note dropped, though Royale Ramble is *fun*. Got myself a polearm to skill up with and do WS points with, plus a nice bit of money. I've also had some nice money synths, but SS of success is boring, failure is far more fun!

One thing I didn't do was camp Simurgh with the LS, as I was busy at the time. I'm kinda glad I didn't go. Somehow, they raged it with 5 people (how? I dunno. I used to kill it with 4 back on Phoenix). They inevitably wiped, RR'd, re-claimed, wiped, called for backup, etc. etc. until it finally died (no boots or money drops. That's one hard earned Arcana Breaker). I told Wolf about it via POL message, and about how a JP shell was watching. His response was thus:

Photographic proof that Nix has ninja!

Brd melee on EPs is fun. 23% haste, haste spell, and double march. Hundred daggers! Fun times, and didn't take long to unlock my Nyzul WS, which is pretty, and I will probably never ever use.

Something good. I think it was on Sunday when Psy was in Xarcabard for some unknown reason, and he spawned Biast while killing dragons. He claimed, and teamed up with a JP whm who was passing by, and they started working on it while a few of us got there. Myself, Psy, and Tug went from our LS; the whm had a blm friend come out. We didn't know them, they didn't know us, but they were willing to help out. And, well...

I shall use it well! Thank you guys! Given my quest for Maat's cap, this helm will see a lot of use. And this is the kind of thing which gives me faith in people; that two people we didn't know would help out, with no interest in the item, is wonderful.

While the LS has taken a break from Sea/Sky for the Xmas season, we've kept up with Limbus due to demand for AF+1. It's not been overly serious, but we still succeeded in clearing temenos east/west/north with less people than normal, and it's been good fun. Most people got the items they wanted too, though I think Zark and Albi were disappointed...

And Geoff made an Xmas episode for his "FusionRR: The Serie". Here's a link to the Xmas episode, which will also have links to the others in the series so far:


Denali and an Xmas hat is hot!

Most of my time, though, has been on levelling pld. I'm level 72 at the time of writing. I was 21 in October. Quite a way I've come! I'll have some nice things waiting for me over the next few levels: Hecatomb gear, Homam shorts and gloves, and on Sunday, I'll get my AF+1 boots:

Yes, I did re-quest them first to make sure I won't be gimp in parties. <3 tanking. I've also managed to upgrade my thf hands to +1, for TA sets (repeating the quests was a bitch, I fucking hate the hat quest), which I'm happy about. Took me a long time to get the Temenos item.

One last thing that I'm very happy about. Kurai made me a custom .dat after I commented how I liked one he'd shown me on ffxidats.com, but the eyes on it creeped me out. It combined mithra faces 2B and 6A, but the blue eyes on it weren't to my liking, they were too... electric. So, he re-did it for me :D

The ears were made white too, but I don't care. Thanks Kurai :D

Until next time, I'll leave you with evidence on how wimpy warrior Maat is: