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I suppose this is the bit where I should put a snazzy, attention-grabbing line to get you to read the bit hidden by the LJ cut. But quite frankly, I'm low on motivation, so I'll just say that this is a "stuff I did" entry, with the usual non-FF-related talk about whatever the hell is on my mind right now.

Actually, forget the LJ cut.

Just kidding.

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update: just tier0'd a grass cloth. fml.

Attn: Nix

How can you think this looks bad? :(

Compare it to this, which I'll be rocking soon (I hope):

Looks OK, but not great. Sorta sucks that as soon as I get Homam body, something which beats it is released, haha. Oh well!

And yes, 4/5 Homam as of Friday, and I'm struggling to see how to improve my thf TP set now. Shall post something sometime, I guess.
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