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Take As Needed For Pain

What interesting times I am in. I'm not even fully sure of what's going on! But here's what seems to be the case:

- NuDawn has broke. I think? I'm hearing conflicting things about this. But given that our last "joint" Kirin saw only 4 members of NuDawn online, including no leaders, it doesn't bode well. Apparently Primal has been AWOL for months.
- Lakey has quit Empathy? Again, I'm not sure on this one. The LS were up in Sky tonight; but then Fusion gets a new applicant, listing Empathy as a former LS, claiming that "leader has decided to quit [endgame]". Very confusing. Not helped by the following BG thread:


- I'm starting to get bored of my job. There's so often so little to do, and when there isn't, there's too much to do! And I'm normally on my own, which is both a good thing at times, and really quite boring at others.
- I'm feeling a bit "blah" about a lot of things in FFXI. I've been doing most events - Limbus, Sky, Dynamis - on a regular basis for almost two and a half years now. I'm almost done with Limbus, but Kirin drops still elude me. Dynamis? Uuuuuugh. So boring. Would be nice to do something other than pull for once, too. Einherjar seems to have fallen apart again with the state of NuDawn, ZNMs have pretty much stopped for now in Fusion, and I'm getting bored. I want new challenges! Leveling summoner has helped with that, and I'm really getting into the job now (lvl 70 yay!), but I miss Nix (fuck you SE and your credit card "security" measures) and don't wanna lvl too much without her. Fusion is still a pretty good linkshell, and maybe if NuDawn and Empathy are breaking then we can get some new life in us, but... idk. Time away from the game from work and playing other things (Dawn Of War 2, notably) and reading more is contributing to this too, no doubt.
- Kin and Ed broke up. I was fucking crushed to hear that :( idk why it happened, and I'm not gonna pry into it, but... fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. Get how I feel? Fuck.
- Eyehategod are a fucking monster of a band and Take As Needed For Pain is one of the best things you will ever hear in your life - assuming you are as bitter, depressive, and fucking bleak as I am/feel (it's called "Sludge" for a reason; you don't listen to this stuff to "enjoy" it). It's also one of those albums which is never loud enough. Ever.


Full image of avatar.


A chilly past - first look at northlands!

This will have a lot of screenshots, so I'll do the LJ cut thing to stop it messing up your browser and taking forever to load. I got to have a run around the new northlands [s] zones earlier, and took many SS while doing so!

Collapse )

Other notable ffxi stuff:

th4 for Dooom! Also got sch hat on an uncontested free-lot. I love the potential of that job, and am very interested in it. I'm very close to believing that sch has almost made blm obsolete for many things; see kanican for the blm/sch comparisons which have made me think so highly of sch, and made me think that blm is in a lot of trouble.

almost there :3

Oh, and I made a ffxiwiki account, because the mnk maat page was exactly FUCK ALL help, and I wanted to try and correct some very bad advice on there.

Also, final credit to Wolf, for making me laugh on a day where I almost snapped and dropped my FusionRR pearl, such was my general foul mood and annoyance at everyone.


Yar! Glad it's finally 75. Now I have to spend a million years capping shield, thank you level sync and campaign (though a note on level sync: please, don't always sync to the lowest level. If 5 people are lvl 70 and one is 69, go to 70. My O-hat and Joytoy will love you for it, though the pt in the pic above disagreed). I had a lot of fun levelling this job, though at times I wanted to use some magical "Punch morons through my monitor" machine, such as the rdm who would cast Dia about 8 times a fight but not Refresh, or every thf who doesn't know what Assassin does even after explaining to them why they should split SATA at 60+. Morons! Things like this helped though:

Funny to note that those two parties were some of the most frustrating I had. I forget who said it, but I think it was on Alla's warrior forums, that you don't realise how many people are bad at their jobs until you've levelled it yourself. In the case of thf and rdm, I most certainly agree. Hell, in the case of war and ninja too. And bard. And now paladin. Maybe I should give up on Maat's cap while the game is still mostly fun :(

Though honestly, I'm getting sorta burnt out again already, and it's showing. I did a good job telling half the LS to fuck off after a joke rubbed me the wrong way on Sunday, and my tolerance of people not listening during events is as low as it has been since I left Phoenix (when I say "move back you'll get aggro", I don't mean "run out to meet the mob"). I think it's because I'm getting a bit bored of a few events (notably Limbus farming - I've been doing it twice weekly for 18 months roughly, almost always as a leader), and miss some of my friends on Phoenix and even on Valefor (log on more often Kurai! We're always short one very important mithra. More Vashy spottings wouldn't go amiss either), or like I normally do, I'm just pushing too damn hard to get things done and my solution to the problems that causes is to push even harder. It's safe to say I'm more a "hardcore" player than most members of my linkshell, and just like I am irl, I'm never happy unless things are constantly improving. I always want fights to be quicker, cleaner, because that's what I find fun. I'm very bad at relaxing, and I can also be incredibly stubborn (though I took a bit of an exception to being called sulky, largely because it was right). I suppose it doesn't help that I don't like keeping things to myself - as Wolf, Ed, and Kin can attest to - though there are some rl issues which I will keep to myseflf :p just because it's a LJ doesn't mean I have the right to be emo. That the LS seems very content to "stay in it's ways" in some respects - especially regarding paladin, isn't it obvious pld/war is beaten by pld/drk now most of us have decent haste gear? Or that DD pld beats turtle pld on almost anything we farm? - that doesn't help me either. I guess the new userpic is a good indication of how I feel.

On a different note, here's something I forgot to post before, which proved to me that Misa is awesome not just because he runs around on blm with a Great Axe.

And Brenni creeps me out sometimes D:

And something to make some people jealous, though I think it's kinda sad. Says a lot that I've done more KSNM and BCNM runs in the past month than I did in a year on Phoenix.

Hum hum. Anyone wanna buy a Lamia Kaman+1? Been trying to sell one for a while now. I know it'd be nice for pld, but I think I could get more use from things I could buy with 1.4mil (Gigant Mantle, for example. And I still need Adaman Feet... I kid, I kid. I want the HQ! I kid again, I'm not a total retard, I just act like it).

Guess that's everything.

I am a crafting bomb.

Happy new year! Not too many words for this update, mostly pictures. Like this one:

That's it Mikhe! Tempt him by BENDING OVER AND SHAKING.

Fairly odd comments, I think you'll agree (regarding the second one: we somehow decided Kirin is my dad, and Psy wants red legs. I forget how that conversation occured). However...

Death by Snoo Snoo? :D This LS seems to have lots of women. They seem to like me. Some of the guys do too. I think Nix likes me less after this though...

Note Wolf's message on the second screenshot. How right he was! I did manage to HQ one for Nix eventually though, which is good, as I felt awful for blowing up her Claw. This happened later that day, though...

Yeah. That's what I get for buying them at 150k below market price! Q_Q

Anyway. Aside from being whored off and blowing things up, I've been keeping busy. Helped Zark camp Roc a few more times, which finally saw this:

Done a lot of BCNM and KSNM runs, but nothing of note dropped, though Royale Ramble is *fun*. Got myself a polearm to skill up with and do WS points with, plus a nice bit of money. I've also had some nice money synths, but SS of success is boring, failure is far more fun!

One thing I didn't do was camp Simurgh with the LS, as I was busy at the time. I'm kinda glad I didn't go. Somehow, they raged it with 5 people (how? I dunno. I used to kill it with 4 back on Phoenix). They inevitably wiped, RR'd, re-claimed, wiped, called for backup, etc. etc. until it finally died (no boots or money drops. That's one hard earned Arcana Breaker). I told Wolf about it via POL message, and about how a JP shell was watching. His response was thus:

Photographic proof that Nix has ninja!

Brd melee on EPs is fun. 23% haste, haste spell, and double march. Hundred daggers! Fun times, and didn't take long to unlock my Nyzul WS, which is pretty, and I will probably never ever use.

Something good. I think it was on Sunday when Psy was in Xarcabard for some unknown reason, and he spawned Biast while killing dragons. He claimed, and teamed up with a JP whm who was passing by, and they started working on it while a few of us got there. Myself, Psy, and Tug went from our LS; the whm had a blm friend come out. We didn't know them, they didn't know us, but they were willing to help out. And, well...

I shall use it well! Thank you guys! Given my quest for Maat's cap, this helm will see a lot of use. And this is the kind of thing which gives me faith in people; that two people we didn't know would help out, with no interest in the item, is wonderful.

While the LS has taken a break from Sea/Sky for the Xmas season, we've kept up with Limbus due to demand for AF+1. It's not been overly serious, but we still succeeded in clearing temenos east/west/north with less people than normal, and it's been good fun. Most people got the items they wanted too, though I think Zark and Albi were disappointed...

And Geoff made an Xmas episode for his "FusionRR: The Serie". Here's a link to the Xmas episode, which will also have links to the others in the series so far:


Denali and an Xmas hat is hot!

Most of my time, though, has been on levelling pld. I'm level 72 at the time of writing. I was 21 in October. Quite a way I've come! I'll have some nice things waiting for me over the next few levels: Hecatomb gear, Homam shorts and gloves, and on Sunday, I'll get my AF+1 boots:

Yes, I did re-quest them first to make sure I won't be gimp in parties. <3 tanking. I've also managed to upgrade my thf hands to +1, for TA sets (repeating the quests was a bitch, I fucking hate the hat quest), which I'm happy about. Took me a long time to get the Temenos item.

One last thing that I'm very happy about. Kurai made me a custom .dat after I commented how I liked one he'd shown me on ffxidats.com, but the eyes on it creeped me out. It combined mithra faces 2B and 6A, but the blue eyes on it weren't to my liking, they were too... electric. So, he re-did it for me :D

The ears were made white too, but I don't care. Thanks Kurai :D

Until next time, I'll leave you with evidence on how wimpy warrior Maat is:


Well. Crazy times lead to crazy things. It seems like only a week ago that I was wanting a long, long holiday from the game; oh, how things change so quickly! A lot has happened since the last entry I made on ffxi. Firstly: two Kirins on the 29th Oct. Congrats Threesixty on lolsode, Janeash on red legs, Kage on lolpole, and Albi on N-body! However, the best bit came afterwards. More on that later though! *dun dun dun suspense*

I skipped Sunday dynamis to go to Vil and Abeo's wedding. Congrats! Sadly, none of my screenshots were of good enough quality to post.

On Tuesday the 2nd, FusionRR did a Proto Omega run. We initially had 12 people, but ended up with 17 by the time we were ready - good times, good times, and I got to go warrior!. Love the GA, I really do. Sadly, PO was on steroids, and "holding" it to farm chips just wasn't a viable option, so we went for a quick kill. This should speak for itself, I think...

Whoooooooooo's that sexy mithra? Some goldsmithing NPC in Mhaura, and that's me beside her, with my new gloves :D And congrats Brenni on Homam body (FAPFAPFAP) and Wei on Homam hat!

Nyzul sucked this week. Started late because of my working hours (didn't get home until 8.30pm), and on the three runs we did, nothing dropped. No one even wanted weapons. Bah; at least we had our core group all present this week though, which was really nice. I went and slept like a log.

Fun screenies from Limbus on Friday.

Also, at various times throughout the week, I've been helping Zarkana camp Roc, which has gone "ok" in the fights (4/4 wins while I've been there, all low-man), BUT... well.

As the final SS shows, the fourth fight was a duo with Zark's nin and my rdm; thankfully, it seemed someone else had fought Roc earlier, made it Benediction, but wiped. Took us about 18 mins, so, we were very lucky. No staff though Q_Q Thanks to Badbanana from BiteClub for helping on one pop, shame we've only had the one ingot drop too. Oh well. Interesting note: I've fought Roc on four of my five jobs now (nin, thf, war, rdm, in that order). Tanking on warrior was *hard* ; ;

But anyway! The fun stuff.

Saturday saw a note-so-succesful JoL attempt (word to the wise: he can't be low-manned when your LS is still rather new to Sea XD), so we did a Hope pop for two reasons; firstly, to pick our spirits up, and secondly, because we had the pop items at hand. Well. This is - by my count - the sixth Torque Fusion has seen in total (2x Justice, 2x Hope, 1 Fort, 1 Faith), and the one obtained under the most unusual circumstances. We usually distribute Torques through a mix of attendance and wish-list, but the only person present on Saturday with Hope on wish list was Zarkana, who was afk for the fight (for over an hour, actually - long before we popped it; though lol at Hope Staff auto-sorting to him. I think everyone else passed). So when it dropped, it went to bids using attendance-based points, which I won with a bid of 35! I couldn't believe it. It pushes me way back on my wishlist torque (Fortitude), but I don't care, I have a Hope Torque!!! And no, I've not got to use it yet Q_Q Though notice; I go warrior to Omega, Heart drops. I go warrior to a Jailer, Torque drops. Des, are you ready this? :D

This is probably what I'm happiest about though...

This happened after Kirin on Saturday. Des said he wanted to speak to me when we were done, and I was a bit worried, as I can be very vocal, and have probably upset a lot more people than I know about with my outspoken nature, and I thought someone had had enough of me, so I was really shocked when Des said he, the other sackholders, and a lot of regular FusionRR members wanted me to be a sackholder. How could I say no? I love this LS to bits, and want to help it succeed. After all the mess that happened when I left Phoenix all I wanted was a new start, and this LS certainly gave it to me. That means more than all the drops in the world.

I'm presently trying to download the update, and I already have mixed feelings about it. The notes say that NPC prices have been "adjusted" on some items; notably, demon drops in CVB, Bugard Skins and HQ Bugard Skins, and various bloods - all popular targets for farmers to sell to NPCs. While I understand the desire to control inflation, I also note that SE hasn't touched the price/reward for the Ladybug Wings quest, which is arguably more popular than all the other things they have adjusted in this update put together. What makes Ladybug Wings so different? Well, I've been aware of RMT farmers in CVB for as long as I can remember; and when I used to farm Bugards, there were always RMT there too, and I assume the same is true of leech/bat farming spots. By contrast, I've not seen any (obvious) RMT farming Ladybugs. I am a bit worried that Ladybugs will now be a more popular target than ever before. I may have Bonecraft100, but I find it relaxing to farm them for a few hours, making some nice money while watching TV or such. I hope I'm just worrying too much, and that this is simply an RMT counter-measure, and that Ladybug farming won't be ruined by this.

I am, however, very excited about Fields of Valor, and dnc and sch got some bloody amazing relic, and very quickly too (compared to Aht Urghan jobs). Dnc body is like a hauby!!! Good lord. Shame we can't store Nyzul armor sets with NPCs yet though :( Oh well.

Until next time, take care!


Can't get enough sleep recently. After the better part of seven months spent as a nocturnal being, working a 9-5 job again is killing me. I don't fall asleep until 2am or so, but I have to be up at 7am to get breakfast and ready for work on time. 5 hours sleep a night, roughly, is not enough. I hope I start getting used to this routine again soon, I never had this much trouble running on minimum sleep when I was at uni. Maybe I'm getting old?


Citadel Buster can GTFO. Seriously. I hate this god-damn move. Up until the last 20% of PU's health, I have no real trouble at all, but as soon as CB starts, it all turns to shit. The last Dissipation is never stunned, so I'm having to scream for Shell, I never can top my HP up even with meds, and the one time I do get shell and full HP, I get a Double Weather proc so die by maybe 20hp or so. Next PU I'm gonna beg to come as something other than nin/drk, I'm so sick of being so reliant on other people to survive one bullshit move that plds seem to have no real trouble with. It's not like my CB gear is bad either, only things I can see I can improve without getting absurd stuff like D-ring are +1ing my second earring to a Merman's, then +1ing my Behemoth Knife and Dusk Trousers. I'll post a gear screenshot some time when I remember and see if anyone can help me with this, I'd love to keep taking PU as nin/drk, but CB is really ruining my confidence, and I feel like dead weight because of it. Hopefully my pld will be 75 by then, or I'll have finished getting a rdm tanking set. As someone noted (I forget who), if I put as much effort into a CB set for pld as I have into tanking sets for ninja, I'll be able to eat that move for breakfast.

That said, congrats to Zaro and DC on their drops from Friday. I'll live to see Ultima's Heart drop one day I hope.

Fun screenshot:


I was MIA on Saturday, so no SS from Sea. Lots from Sunday's Dyna-Bubumiru run though, including something I thought I'd never see:

33 people online only 12 minutes after gather together? NDA entering an event early?!?. Strange but true.

This is Me and Desdemona, my LS leader, and one of the most awesome people I ever met. You can't see it, but our tails were moving in sync, which was kinda funny I thought. We were the only bards there, yet the bard roto was still fucked up somehow. I think one of the pt leaders fell asleep during the boss pull, so Des never got invited back into a party; and I died while casting my first set of songs. Fun times :D

On the note of death:

Ues dies far too often, but doesn't seem to mind. I dread to think what it'll be like when he finishes his relic great katana. He's a cool guy though, and I wish him luck in finishing it :)

And on relics...

I'd been losing my faith in dynamis recently (well, up until I got Koga Tekko a few weeks ago :D), but this SS did a lot to restore it. I'm in the same dynamis shell as someone working on Claustrum? Fuck yeah!

Drops from Dynamis... Des got rdm belt, Ues got ninja boots and -1 samurai gloves, Jane got pld hands, Varen got -1 drk hands, Primal got -1 bard hands after everyone else passed, er... there were loads, and I didn't note them down, so I forgot most of them now :D But no Koga Tekko-1 dropped, which is a shame as I'd have been the person with priority; I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in NDA with Koga Tekko, not many people seem to play ninja seriously here.


Monday's Sky run was just farming, so nothing special there.

Limbus was pretty fun on Tuesday, as we split up to farm two Apollyon zones. My group had the zone with weapon resistances, and it went incredibly well. Only a handful of us died, all to unusual things. Kurai got killed by Varen when the Corse boss charmed him during Blood Weapon SE K-Club happy time, and I died to this...

Triple attack, how I <3 thee. Easy win on our side, but the blms didn't do so well - I dunno what happened, but it's a shame they didn't clear, though it sounded like they were having a great time on the whole, especially at the end. I remember Misa saying "I AM INVINCIBLE!!! :D" a lot, which I liked.

Huggle Isle


Was a stressful night to start with. Vashy couldn't make it, so we needed a 6th. We had real trouble getting someone with the right job to join, but after a while, Nix agreed to join as bard, while Jane switched from bard to Samurai. Thanks so much Nix! You're awesome, and a damn good bard. But you know that already :p

Anyway, we started with a 36-40, which had problems. Nix DC'd near the end of floor 39, Vilma (our whm) died to a TP move from Adamantoise (no idea how it happened, breath attack I think), then died again after RRing to another breath attack, but we somehow pulled through. Nix came back near the end, we got the kill, and Goliard legs dropped, which no one but Nix wanted - so, congrats Nix on 5/5 Goliard! Yes, they look ugly, but it's still a cute outfit on you :p

96-100... fun times. A few rough floors, but got up to the Khimera boss, who was on crack. A few of us died, but he put out for us once we stabbed him enough:

Congrats Jane! I'm happy you got it :) And grats Nix on your rdm sword!

And the less said of the EVIL 56-60 run we finished with, the better.


We'll not talk about the 20 minutes of disaster that was Faust. We got the kill, a few of us lost our tempers (including me, I'll admit that I punched the wall a few times), but we move on. Please don't let it upset you too much. You know who you are :( I was sad.

Instead, I'll talk about how awesome the two Seiryus were. Bit of trouble with over-eager blms on the first one at the start, but no problems at all on the second. Did it even 2hr the second time? Who knows. Congrats Zark on your Kote, Jane on M-head, Kano on notRidill, and Chilly on A-legs. And to me for the free-lot Dragon Claw :D And very nice work tanking Seiryu for the first time Jane. Though it's odd to note that everything I still want from Sky comes from either Seiryu or Kirin (excluding N-hands and feet for +1ing when I get the balls to try making HQ cursed items again).

This is long enough. I was gonna talk about music a bit, but I'll save that for a slow news day. Until I talk to you again: don't get Faust'd!


What a week-and-a-bit. I planned to do entries every Sunday, but didn't this week just gone as I just felt so stressed out that had I made an entry, it would have read like this:


So, I waited a few days to simmer off. I'm feeling better now for it, and the small break I took.

Monday the 10th was a Seiryu run for FusionRR, so we gathered on Seiryu Island with all our (many) pop sets and got to work. I was asked to come nin/drk, and for a while I was the only tank there. However, more and more people kept logging on late, going afk, DCing etc. and so we started late, by which time two pld/nins had showed up, so I was on the sidelines. I thought it'd just be for the first pop, but it turned out I was barely needed, and only got invited after a pld died on the first pop, and to "DD" on the final one. That left me feeling down, I was expecting to tank so didn't have all my DD gear with me or proper food, so I might as well have spent the night afk as I wasn't able to contribute anything. I logged off early and skipped Einherjar.

Tuesday the 11th was Temenos CF1, which I led as Desdemona (linkshell leader) had to work late. There was some disagreement over which tactic to follow (kill in order, or sleep and kill like the strat I wrote?) but I pressed how much easier sleeping would be, so we went for that.

Well, it's only easy if your members pay attention. There was mass failure from the DDs to disengage on the first mob despite numerous calls and the strat being explained before we entered, meaning we had to fight a souped-up ghost, which wasn't easy. The second pair went ok, and was far easier - everyone said so. However, for the final pair, someone (naming no names, but I know who, as do other people) cast Bio2 on the Ahriman, which caused problems. So, we had our pld "hold" the Ahriman with support, while everyone else quickly took down the dragon, before finishing the Ahriman off. It was easy, but a few people were just such arses, complaining that they had to disengage (ctrl-a is hard!) and how long the pulls took (wtf?). Again, I logged off early in a bad mood.

Wednesday was Nyzul, which was very disapointing. We did two 36-40 runs and a 96-100, all of which we easily beat but with no drops. We quit after the third run, and I had another early night.

Thursday was quite fun. As the opening SS shows, we did a Kirin run, and I got to kite, which is one of the things I enjoy most as nin/drk. We didn't have many DD present so it took a while to kill, but it was incredibly easy. Sadly, I died near the end after being slept, bound, and swapped into the wrong gear set before I could get utsu up - I was hit for 1k damage while casting. Had I been in my -dmg set rather than haste, I'd have survived. It was so frustrating to die just as Kirin did! Oh well. Threesixty got D-body, and the pole went free-lot. A few fun things happened during the run.

That happened maybe half a dozen times over the night. My rdm/nin co-tank also managed to land bind a few times, which accidently killed some of the melee, haha. I'd never seen that happen before. I've stopped screen-shotting when I stun Kirin, it happens a few times each run and only the blms seem impressed by it, though it irks me a touch when they see my stun land (by fluke) and then try to stun Kirin themselves, wasting MP. Give it up guys! It's just a hate tool, same as any other spell I cast on Kirin regardless of if it lands or not. But anyway, I enjoyed that, and was complimented on my tanking which made me feel good, though people were too tired for a second, which is fair enough - we did start a bit late.

The real trouble came over a few days after Kirin. A discussion was taking place on the forums about how drops are handled - which is good, discussion is healthy - but the discussion was shut down early by a moderator/sackholder, which made some people very angry, none so more than me. I don't care about drops so much as I do about fun and feeling valued, and shutting down discussion mid-flow says to me "I don't care what you think". This wasn't helped when one sackholder said "rules are rules, piss off if you don't like them". By that stage I was ready to quit the shell, but a few kind words convinced me to take a break instead. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's over-reacting. However, the LS leader posted saying he thought the two sackholders in question were out of line, which made me happy. The thing I think I hated most on Phoenix was how some people made regular members feel bad about themselves, like they weren't valued. If FusionRR turned out the same, I'd be sad, but would probably look for another shell. I'm glad to have found a leader who is so... well, nice.

We did a Swift Belt run while this was happening. I hate Swift Belt runs. I especially hate it when people leave straight after their pop. I did get to go as pld though, which was nice. I can't remember much about Friday, except that my thf parsed equal to a K-club drk in Temenos CF2, which I thought showed how "bad" a K-club can be in many situations.

Following that, I decided to take some time off. I logged on for dynamis-windurst and campaign ops on sunday, which got my pld some exp, though dynamis was disapointing. I lost the lot on the thf hat (though it was to a reasonably regular member like myself, so I didn't mind too much), but we failed to get the clear for people needing it after problems with the boss pull. Hopefully we'll go there again soon for it. I also died a lot on warrior, which was fun (no sarcasm). Dynamis is pretty much the only thing I use my warrior for now, which is a shame as I love it. Oh well.

On Monday I skipped LS event, but decided to log on for Einherjar as I was bored, and in an OK mood. However, only 11 other people showed up, which has led to Einherjar being cancelled until further notice. Oh well :( Shame, as we were only one chamber away from Odin, but attendance had been awful for weeks now. I think most people quit after getting their first 15k Ichor item. I don't blame them, the late starts were beyond a joke. However, Jane talked me into logging in on Tuesday for Limbus, so it wasn't a waste of time I guess.

On which note, here's a pic of a taru in a box. I'd have preferred a thf AF+1 item, but oh well. We cleared CF3, giving us a full Ultima set which we should use this Friday.

In my time away from the shell (which didn't last long), I took care of my pld AF as well as questing a Smart Grenade for my lolDDpld. I was able to solo all the coffers thanks to some creative mule use.

This is Losfuin. When she isn't being stuck at Leathercraft 71, she's pressing switches in The Eldieme Necropolis and hoping bombs don't re-spawn on her. She's also my first character, but I never felt "right" playing with her model, it never suited me, so now she is a crafting mule. Anyway, I was lucky and found the coffer for my hands quickly, picked the lock on thf, and used a Stable Collar to get Los home quickly. Lots of logging on and off, but it was satisfying to do. I hate asking for help on "mundane" things, I feel like I'm wasting someone else's time.

Yay for maws and flower teleports letting me solo my AF head!

The AF body was the most fun though. I was lucky with the coffer in Castle Vazhl and picked it on my first try as thf, after finding it in the first spot I checked. By this point I'd had enough people ask me to come back onto FusionRR that I was using it as a social again (lol at me for having a two day break, if that) and Chillywilly offered to help with the NMs. We duo'd them as nin and whm not once, but twice after I forgot to get a key item from their spawn point meaning we had to re-do it. The legs were evil though, took over three hours for a Coffer Key to drop even as thf. Ugh.

Now, the question is...

Do I upgrade my boots now and re-quest them, or wait? I think I'll wait. I'm sick of AF right now, though it's kinda cool having two AF+1 items ready. I've had them since my pld was 21 over a year ago, both auto-sorts from the early days of Limbus on Phoenix.

Nyzul Isle last night, though, had me feeling bummed out again. People were snappy, and failing our 16-20 run didn't help (timed out after a Dahak killed our mages). A repeat saw Askar boots drop, which was ok. 36-40 saw Denali legs drop (GTFO!!!) which no one wanted. And 96-100 saw... nothing. Very disapointing. I think some members are bored and may quit soon. I wouldn't blame them tbh, the past three weeks of Nyzul have been awful.

Right now I'm abusing campaign, as it seems many other people are. The Eldieme Necropolis [s] is a lag-fest, with over 50 people hitting on one fort. The only way I can play is to turn all effects off and set my graphics to NES mode. Not great to be honest, but I should be starting a new job on Monday, so I'm trying to get a few things done before then. Finishing pld AF was one thing, which I did; now I'm hoping for pld to get close to 60 (presently 56), so I can do campaign for exp after events.

It's been a fairly long entry, but to finish, here's a lovely screenshot I took of a house in Grauberg [s]. I never explored here before, but the Smart Grenade quest had me doing just that. I didn't mind too much.

Temenos CF3

The final Temenos zone for Proto Ultima access! I like this one, it's not too hard at all, though I have failed it once. It was also the only time I ever kicked someone from a Limbus group, where after a few screw-ups on previous runs one person messed up the boss pull by running in and voking the Orc before we were ready. We wiped, RR'd, but ended up timing out (I think we had about ten people, as the shell had split into two groups to clear two seperate zones that day). The person in question couldn't understand what he'd done wrong even though the plan to carby-pull the bosses had been explained well in advance, and coupled with his previous screw-ups, it was just too much. Failing a CF zone is especially painful as it means you have to go back and repeat north/east/west for the entry chip you used. Funny thing is, I can't even remember the guy's name now. Maybe one of my old friends from Phoenix remembers him, it was the hume M ninja and blu from FuryLS, back when all our events had seperate linkshells.

As always, please check wiki for the map of the zone, I couldn't improve on the one there and I've no desire to steal someone else's work.


Temenos CF3

AF upgrade items – whm thf, nin, mnk, drg, war, cor

As with all CF floors you have 45 minutes, with no time extensions or restore chests. The Ivory Chip from Temenos North allows you to enter.

You’ll be fighting a total of 21 beastmen; 18 regular, 3 boss monsters. They’re divided equally between orcs, yagudo, and quadavs. The basic strategy is to take out the “normal” monsters first, in order to weaken the bosses. Even weakened they’re pretty tough, so you’ll have some sneaking about to do, but it’s very easy, just be careful for monsters using their 2 hour ability, like a dynamis monster would. As you’re probably used to by now, having a smn or /smn for carby pulling is handy, though not vital. If you’re not pet pulling, you’ll want a rdm/blm, or a blm main for elemental sleepga on the bosses. If using pld/war tanks then I recommend having a nin/war or other blink tank as back-up, for certain monsters (I’d sooner have a ninja tank a ranger and blink away Eagle Eye Shot than I would have a pld take it to the face).

From the start, head east and take out the three orcs, they’ll be a war, blm, and a rng. Kill them and head north, first through an empty room, then to a room with a ramp and three yagudo (whm, brd, mnk – watch out for hundred fists!). Kill them, and head up the ramp. You’ll be in a large room with the three bosses in. They don’t move about, so if you hug the walls you can move around without getting aggro. Head south and up the ramp, then east to where three Quadav are (war, rdm, thf). Kill them and head east down the ramp, across the room, and up the other ramp to a room with three more quadavs (blm, drk, pld). Then go down the ramp again and north, then east to the final group of Yagudo (blm, nin, sam – use the height difference from the slope to reduce Mijin Gakure damage). South will take you to the final three orcs (monk, drk, drg; Call Wyvern is his 2 hour, not Spirit Surge).

Once those final orcs are dead, rest up to full and set up camp in the main room with the three boss beastmen. The Yagudo is a summoner and uses Astral Flow (random avatar). The Orc is a paladin, and will use Invincible; the Quadav, a white mage who hits surprisingly hard and uses Bendiction. This is what you wanted the avatar puller for! Start with the Orc. The reason for this is that he has a Resist Sleep job trait, so if the pull goes wrong and you need to Elemental Seal Sleepga them all, and then start attacking another mob, the Orc will wake up earlier than other monsters, which can pose a problem. Plus, the Quadav’s Benediction will wake the other monsters; and the Yagudo’s Astral Flow can be very nasty, easily killing players. On which note, remember to keep your mages on top of the ramp while melee fight it at the bottom, to reduce damage to mages; Sweep is also very nasty, hitting for 500-700. I’ve seen it before where he used Astral Flow immediately followed by Sweep, which caused a full wipe. So, be warned!

Anyway, should the Carby-pull fail for whatever reason, Elemental Seal Sleepga the monsters, and kill the Orc, followed by the Quadav, followed by the Yagudo. It’s very unlikely you’ll do enough damage to the Quadav to trigger Benediction before the Yagudo wakes up naturally, so you can re-sleep the Yagudo away from the Quadav, meaning Benediction won’t wake the Yagudo up. Gosh, what a horribly unwieldy sentence! But regardless, re-sleeping the Yagudo is far easier than having to deal with Astral Flow while keeping another monster slept, so I recommend the kill order of: Orc, Quadav, Yagudo.

Once the final beastmen boss dies, the item chest will spawn in the middle of the zone. Open it and congratulations! You will receive the third and final chip needed to fight Proto Ultima!

Temenos - CF2

I have to be honest, CF2 is possibly my least favourite Temenos zone. There aren't many monsters, and there's always multiple deaths thanks to multiple monsters using Astral Flow. Thankfully, it's also one of the quickest zones to beat, and very simple unless something goes wrong. A group of 12 should be plenty to beat it in good time while still allowing for things to go wrong. I suppose this is more a walkthrough than a guide, as I've only ever used the same strategy and killed monsters in the same order.


Temenos – CF2

AF upgrade items – drk, blm, rng, pld, bst, pup

As with CF1, you have 45 minutes, with no time or restore chests. You’ll need the Scarlet Chip from Temenos East to enter.

In this zone, you’ll fight Elementals and Avatars. As is normal for elementals in Limbus, they don’t have the same damage resistance to physical attacks as normal elementals do, though they have some resistance to both physical and magical attacks. How Temenos CF2 has special rules is in the order you fight monsters, and what happens as a result of this order. Basically, by killing certain elementals, others turn into Avatars, which are far stronger. I’ve always done this zone in the following order, as some avatars are nastier than others, and this tactic allows you to fight a weaker Avatar without running around too much. The zone’s boss isn’t this Avatar, though – instead, it’s Carbuncle, who you will have to avoid a few times as you run around the zone. He’s easy to avoid though, assuming your group got this far themselves and didn’t purchase their accounts or something stupid. You could, in theory, fight carbuncle early, but he gets weaker the more elementals you kill, and even then he isn’t weak. Furthermore, killing these elementals removes Carbuncle’s elemental resistances – killing the thunder elemental removes his resistance to thunder, etc.

Remember, elementals will aggro spell casting, so be careful; they also have en-effects like in previous zones. You’ll want a smn or /smn for the final pulls. If you don’t have this, be prepared for links with sleep-resistant elementals. A bard for each party helps a lot for carols, though it isn’t vital – Magus Roll from a corsair, or some blue mage spells could work too.

From where you start, run north and then east. In this small room will be a fire elemental – don’t fight it! We’ll leave this one to turn into Ifrit later. Instead, run north again to a room that has a water elemental on a raised area. The elemental is awkward to pull due to it’s position, but you can get it with both spells and ranged attacks, so keep at it until the elemental comes around and down. A pet pull also works. Kill it, then kill the thunder elemental to the north. From there, run west and south, up a slope into a room with Carbuncle and two light elementals in. Hug the wall and move west, avoiding aggro from them. There’s a door to the north, go through there and then west, killing the earth elemental you find, then south to a air elemental, then south again to an ice elemental. Had you killed the fire elemental at the start, this ice elemental would be Shiva instead, who is never an easy fight - I'd sooner have my foe use Blaze Spikes and Warcry than Sleepga and Ice Spikes.

With the ice elemental dead, guide your group back to the room with the fire elemental, who will now be Ifrit. Buff up, and prepare to fight Ifrit. It will use Astral Flow, though damage from this can be reduced depending on relative height, so have your mages stand on raised ground while melee fight in the dip. He’s not too hard aside from Astral Flow. Kill it, raise your dead, and heal to full.

Now, onto the final stretch. Camp in the room with a slope leading to Carbuncle, and have your smn or /smn carby-pull the two light elementals. They’re not hard, but killing them is important. If you get links then you can sleep the elementals, but I hear they don’t sleep for the full duration – thankfully, I haven’t had to test this myself. I don’t know if you can sleep Carbuncle.

Once the two light elementals are dead, pull Carbuncle to the bottom of the ramp, and have your mages camp at the top, again, to reduce Astral Flow damage. Carbuncle has high evasion, so you’ll want accuracy buffs or sushi at least, and he will use Astral Flow, which is very nasty as it’s light based, so hard to defend against. He doesn’t have too many nasty tricks, but the fight can take several minutes thanks to his evasion and hit points. It’s worth noting that you can land requiem and finale on Carbuncle, even though he’s light-based. Once he is dead, the item chest will appear where Carbuncle was originally stood. Congratulations! Only one more floor to Proto Ultima!