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In which many, many things will be posted

179 levels to go! It's been a mix of soloing and duoing recently. Drg is up to 51, sam 59, drk 45, mnk 64. I even did a - gasp! - pick-up party on monk earlier, while filling in some job applications. That job requires so little focus, it's silly!

13k/hour sync'd to lvl 58, with smn, brd, mnk, mnk, drg, thf. Chains only broke due to a lack of mobs; we had to pull bees. BEES. Who exp's on bees?!?

So, I got to take ninja to sky last week for the first time in ages to a non-Kirin fight. Results:

Know what? This job is much, much more fun to tank with than pld/nin. There's a few things which I'd pick pld/nin over nin/drk (Proto Ultima mainly, given that I largely lvled pld to tank that piece of biomechanical scum - on which note, grats on Nash pants nix :D), but ninja, I hart j00.

Or, I could go thf like I did to Suzy, and get drops like 2x E-head. No thx k? ; ;

So, it's a running joke in Fusion that Des should level warrior, as anything warrior related will auto-sort to him. When relic mask dropped in dyna-windy, I told the LS that it would auto-sort to him. Five minutes later...

But no! He's still levelling pup. The rest of the run... man. How many dynamis runs happen where someone ninjas into the zone, aggro's the death house while people are going past it, you only have 3 blms, the mega boss ignores voke + flash, and you *still* get the clear? Was the "best-worst" run ever.

Know what? Level sync is the best thing that has ever happened to FFXI, along with FoV. Here we have a level 70 dnc, level 54 sam, and 37 rdm exping together, getting ok exp, and having fun. No more "afk and lfp" rubbish if you can find a friend or two with compatable jobs to level. The traditional 6-person party is no longer neccessary (my 51 drg has never had more than a duo; my sam has had one 6-person pt post-37; my mnk has had three). The range of monsters people will fight has increased drastically, and the places they will go. It's awesome!

I also like dat swaps :3

Proof of my Antares (Q_Q):

And during Jailer of Prudence:

Right. Nyzul. Long time since last update. Askar legs FINALLY dropped yay grats Jane! And 96-100. Weirdest run for a long time. Rdm + sch both DC'd while we were fighting a Dahak on a "kill all" floor. took them 7 minutes to get back on. Time was low, people were getting stressed, buuuuut...

So happy!!! I think my reaction over Vent was thus:


I'd pretty much given up on ever getting one, so... yay! Seriously immense run.

Two final things. The bunks in Norg.

Top picture: kitty bending over slightly. Hawt. The bottom picture. It looks like a Galka! Not hawt D:!!!!

And something that *definitely* is hawt, which I shall leave you with until next time.

Rawr ;)