mithradooom (mithradooom) wrote,

Quietly, Undramatically

With almost no promotion, no hype, no grandiose statements, my favourite record of last year was released. Surprise surprise, it's a black metal record. Surprise surprise, it "feels" more like an indie rock record than the typical misanthropic blasting one might expect. This shit is catchy as hell, and with a superb grasp of dynamics without being all "hey look, quiet bit! Hey look, really loud bit!" or feeling contrived or anything. It flows so naturally, and will hook itself into your head if given chance. Can't get enough of it.

My ego wants me to believe that someone, somewhere will be mildly interested as to why I stopped updating this, but the simple fact is that I couldn't be bothered. I find myself with an hour to kill, so I might as well put some stuff up I figure.

Level 85 version. Started working on H2H now as Monk is funzies and I play it loads and loads.

Yay I finally levelled corsair!... by leeching in Abyssea while playing as Nix's whm. Oops.

Why am I in Loki's there? 'cos I forgot Sanguine Scythe atma to cap my crit damage. Ooops.

No I will not go home and change >:(

Taru love! This is what happens when you let drunk people use your account.

The ending CS for clearing Dyna-Tav is shit :(

Die, oh flower of pink!

Fuck yes Mog Lottery!

And it's nice to know I still can inspire comments which really make no sense.

Also Starcraft2 is pretty badass (I'm so awesome in Silver League, even terribad players can have fun), and I'm psyched for the Dawn Of War expansion next month. And I've not logged on FF14 since sometime in December. Oops.

Have funzies!
Tags: abyssea, black metal, dynamis, mnk

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