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Waiting Room

Oh man is this so relevant. Listen to the song.

So I got into the FF14 beta last week, with the code giveaway thingy that BG did. After taking several days (seriously) to download, I got to make a kitty on Kefka server with Nix and Kurai. It was kinda bleh at first, a bit of a let-down - very laggy UI, targetting didn't feel fast, and crafting is insanely slow. But on the whole, I had fun. I was playing as a Pugilist, and I liked it. I hope the Open Beta and Retail versions improve on the UI; if they do it'll be a late of fun. Bit worried about the "Surplus" system which forces you to swap jobs to carry on getting exp, but hum hum. Game is gorgeous imo, and I'm really hoping it pans out well. I'm so excited for it though, I really can't wait until 22nd September.

so atm I'm waiting for that (and also something about getting a job but I keep trying!)

FFXI wise there's been a few changes and new stuff I guess. VNMs has died as a LS event as people got fed up of mobs popping without Shadows (so no rings) and shitty convert rates of Abyssite, plus you can now buy stat+6 rings on the AH, so that is dead now.

Walk of Echoes has kinda taken it's place in a non-LS way. Some of us are part of a group that has members from two other shells, and so far it's been going well. Lots of money drops, and we're learning lots and comfortably clearing chambers 1-2-3 now. Though it wasn't always that way, there's not a lot of info out there so we had to learn lots ourselves through trial and error! Area is so nice visually.

Aside from loads and loads of exp, Abyssea also has lots of NMs, with high drop rates... on some things. For example:

Viking hat? High drop rate. 8/10

Necklace from the same mob? 0/10

Incoming screenshot spam.

Not shown: people QQing at me for claiming NMs after they wipe and threatening to GM me. On which note, my new best friend, whom I met while doing Magian trials.

Salvage is Salvage. Stuff dies, stuff sometimes drops, sometimes it's even stuff we want!

Not shown: a bajillion obsolete Marduk hands, Skadi heads, and Rampart NMs dropping nothing. Bitches!

Oh and some of us killed a Cerb who had been sitting up for 8 hours. Drops sucked, but don't all of Cerberus'?!?

Suppose the other big thing I've been doing aside from lots of Salvage and Abyssea is: Magians. Ugh, so bleh. Go kill a bunch of mobs to upgrade weapons. Gets old fast. Some were interesting, like Apkallu:

Some, however, are just plain boring (600 plantoids... yawn) or annoying (400 Peistes. Too many aggroing beastmen around!). Hum hum. Grinding as "content". More than anything else, Magians make me want FF14 to get here ASAP.

Oh, Dynamis. I've been mostly enjoying this recently, due to Tavnazia spam.

Note what Tessa said! Oh and also what Ed and Wolf do. Kinda. Ish.

Oh and I got stuff. Also a Novio I have no SS of.

And I think that's pretty much all.

Oh and Gkool and Luxv suck for quitting. Bastards :(

Oh and it's my birthday on Monday.

Now draw me a pic, Ed!
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