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What a week-and-a-bit. I planned to do entries every Sunday, but didn't this week just gone as I just felt so stressed out that had I made an entry, it would have read like this:


So, I waited a few days to simmer off. I'm feeling better now for it, and the small break I took.

Monday the 10th was a Seiryu run for FusionRR, so we gathered on Seiryu Island with all our (many) pop sets and got to work. I was asked to come nin/drk, and for a while I was the only tank there. However, more and more people kept logging on late, going afk, DCing etc. and so we started late, by which time two pld/nins had showed up, so I was on the sidelines. I thought it'd just be for the first pop, but it turned out I was barely needed, and only got invited after a pld died on the first pop, and to "DD" on the final one. That left me feeling down, I was expecting to tank so didn't have all my DD gear with me or proper food, so I might as well have spent the night afk as I wasn't able to contribute anything. I logged off early and skipped Einherjar.

Tuesday the 11th was Temenos CF1, which I led as Desdemona (linkshell leader) had to work late. There was some disagreement over which tactic to follow (kill in order, or sleep and kill like the strat I wrote?) but I pressed how much easier sleeping would be, so we went for that.

Well, it's only easy if your members pay attention. There was mass failure from the DDs to disengage on the first mob despite numerous calls and the strat being explained before we entered, meaning we had to fight a souped-up ghost, which wasn't easy. The second pair went ok, and was far easier - everyone said so. However, for the final pair, someone (naming no names, but I know who, as do other people) cast Bio2 on the Ahriman, which caused problems. So, we had our pld "hold" the Ahriman with support, while everyone else quickly took down the dragon, before finishing the Ahriman off. It was easy, but a few people were just such arses, complaining that they had to disengage (ctrl-a is hard!) and how long the pulls took (wtf?). Again, I logged off early in a bad mood.

Wednesday was Nyzul, which was very disapointing. We did two 36-40 runs and a 96-100, all of which we easily beat but with no drops. We quit after the third run, and I had another early night.

Thursday was quite fun. As the opening SS shows, we did a Kirin run, and I got to kite, which is one of the things I enjoy most as nin/drk. We didn't have many DD present so it took a while to kill, but it was incredibly easy. Sadly, I died near the end after being slept, bound, and swapped into the wrong gear set before I could get utsu up - I was hit for 1k damage while casting. Had I been in my -dmg set rather than haste, I'd have survived. It was so frustrating to die just as Kirin did! Oh well. Threesixty got D-body, and the pole went free-lot. A few fun things happened during the run.

That happened maybe half a dozen times over the night. My rdm/nin co-tank also managed to land bind a few times, which accidently killed some of the melee, haha. I'd never seen that happen before. I've stopped screen-shotting when I stun Kirin, it happens a few times each run and only the blms seem impressed by it, though it irks me a touch when they see my stun land (by fluke) and then try to stun Kirin themselves, wasting MP. Give it up guys! It's just a hate tool, same as any other spell I cast on Kirin regardless of if it lands or not. But anyway, I enjoyed that, and was complimented on my tanking which made me feel good, though people were too tired for a second, which is fair enough - we did start a bit late.

The real trouble came over a few days after Kirin. A discussion was taking place on the forums about how drops are handled - which is good, discussion is healthy - but the discussion was shut down early by a moderator/sackholder, which made some people very angry, none so more than me. I don't care about drops so much as I do about fun and feeling valued, and shutting down discussion mid-flow says to me "I don't care what you think". This wasn't helped when one sackholder said "rules are rules, piss off if you don't like them". By that stage I was ready to quit the shell, but a few kind words convinced me to take a break instead. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's over-reacting. However, the LS leader posted saying he thought the two sackholders in question were out of line, which made me happy. The thing I think I hated most on Phoenix was how some people made regular members feel bad about themselves, like they weren't valued. If FusionRR turned out the same, I'd be sad, but would probably look for another shell. I'm glad to have found a leader who is so... well, nice.

We did a Swift Belt run while this was happening. I hate Swift Belt runs. I especially hate it when people leave straight after their pop. I did get to go as pld though, which was nice. I can't remember much about Friday, except that my thf parsed equal to a K-club drk in Temenos CF2, which I thought showed how "bad" a K-club can be in many situations.

Following that, I decided to take some time off. I logged on for dynamis-windurst and campaign ops on sunday, which got my pld some exp, though dynamis was disapointing. I lost the lot on the thf hat (though it was to a reasonably regular member like myself, so I didn't mind too much), but we failed to get the clear for people needing it after problems with the boss pull. Hopefully we'll go there again soon for it. I also died a lot on warrior, which was fun (no sarcasm). Dynamis is pretty much the only thing I use my warrior for now, which is a shame as I love it. Oh well.

On Monday I skipped LS event, but decided to log on for Einherjar as I was bored, and in an OK mood. However, only 11 other people showed up, which has led to Einherjar being cancelled until further notice. Oh well :( Shame, as we were only one chamber away from Odin, but attendance had been awful for weeks now. I think most people quit after getting their first 15k Ichor item. I don't blame them, the late starts were beyond a joke. However, Jane talked me into logging in on Tuesday for Limbus, so it wasn't a waste of time I guess.

On which note, here's a pic of a taru in a box. I'd have preferred a thf AF+1 item, but oh well. We cleared CF3, giving us a full Ultima set which we should use this Friday.

In my time away from the shell (which didn't last long), I took care of my pld AF as well as questing a Smart Grenade for my lolDDpld. I was able to solo all the coffers thanks to some creative mule use.

This is Losfuin. When she isn't being stuck at Leathercraft 71, she's pressing switches in The Eldieme Necropolis and hoping bombs don't re-spawn on her. She's also my first character, but I never felt "right" playing with her model, it never suited me, so now she is a crafting mule. Anyway, I was lucky and found the coffer for my hands quickly, picked the lock on thf, and used a Stable Collar to get Los home quickly. Lots of logging on and off, but it was satisfying to do. I hate asking for help on "mundane" things, I feel like I'm wasting someone else's time.

Yay for maws and flower teleports letting me solo my AF head!

The AF body was the most fun though. I was lucky with the coffer in Castle Vazhl and picked it on my first try as thf, after finding it in the first spot I checked. By this point I'd had enough people ask me to come back onto FusionRR that I was using it as a social again (lol at me for having a two day break, if that) and Chillywilly offered to help with the NMs. We duo'd them as nin and whm not once, but twice after I forgot to get a key item from their spawn point meaning we had to re-do it. The legs were evil though, took over three hours for a Coffer Key to drop even as thf. Ugh.

Now, the question is...

Do I upgrade my boots now and re-quest them, or wait? I think I'll wait. I'm sick of AF right now, though it's kinda cool having two AF+1 items ready. I've had them since my pld was 21 over a year ago, both auto-sorts from the early days of Limbus on Phoenix.

Nyzul Isle last night, though, had me feeling bummed out again. People were snappy, and failing our 16-20 run didn't help (timed out after a Dahak killed our mages). A repeat saw Askar boots drop, which was ok. 36-40 saw Denali legs drop (GTFO!!!) which no one wanted. And 96-100 saw... nothing. Very disapointing. I think some members are bored and may quit soon. I wouldn't blame them tbh, the past three weeks of Nyzul have been awful.

Right now I'm abusing campaign, as it seems many other people are. The Eldieme Necropolis [s] is a lag-fest, with over 50 people hitting on one fort. The only way I can play is to turn all effects off and set my graphics to NES mode. Not great to be honest, but I should be starting a new job on Monday, so I'm trying to get a few things done before then. Finishing pld AF was one thing, which I did; now I'm hoping for pld to get close to 60 (presently 56), so I can do campaign for exp after events.

It's been a fairly long entry, but to finish, here's a lovely screenshot I took of a house in Grauberg [s]. I never explored here before, but the Smart Grenade quest had me doing just that. I didn't mind too much.

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