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I dunno if I prefer making lots of small entries, or a handful of big ones. I seem to miss out a lot of stuff whatever I do. Regardless, I feel like writing a longer entry, so that's just what I'll do. Plus I'm waiting on weakness to wear on thf after I failed in picking a coffer, and it could take some time, and I really don't feel like dying and losing exp and running back out to Monastic Cavern.

I can't believe I ever considered levelling blm to 75. I've taken it from 55 to 60 over the past few days, and I really don't like it. Exping solo, on pets, is stressful, boring, and kinda lonely. The only people I encounter at camps are people trying to steal it from me. I was figuring I'd get it to 66 and beat Maat before moving onto rng, but I may just settle for 61 (philomath stole neck-piece thingy) and then do rng. Or maybe I'll just start on rng tomorrow. It's sad to be only 500k exp away from having all Maat's cap jobs at 66, and to have encountered a job - or rather, a way of exping - which I really don't enjoy. And I still need to get my last two AF coffers! But at least I solo'd my AF hat, which made me smile.

As Nix said in one of the comments on an earlier entry, I beat whm maat this week just gone. Easy fight, as easy as bst and with less items involved. Run in, Stoneskin, Blink, RR item (to save mp), run up, Banishga (to wipe Maat's blink), then Repose. Run back, pro, shell, yag drink, then just keep Maat sleeping until he gives up. Easy easy easy.

What else... oh, I dunno. Feel pretty blah. FusionRR has been doing a fair few ZNMs for events, which is kinda good, as it lets us do lots of new fights, try new things, play different jobs, go to different areas - it keeps the game interesting. But sadly, the behaviour of some members is really showing, and putting strains on me. For example: new fights involve new strategies, meaning people have to pay a bit more attention to what's going on. So, we're really able to see who is on the ball, who listens, and who is just hitting ctrl-A or whatever macro for their biggest nuke, then alt-tabbing back to YouTube. And sadly, it's not normal members doing it. When we explain how to fight an NM and say "it reflects magic, so we don't want any blm, come on melee DD if you're not support", then people who are supposed to be leaders say "sorry, is blm ok?", it has one result:


I'll not say about the lotting rules - they're not perfect, no system is, and imo they're a constant work in progress - but we're seeing who the lootwhores are, and it's depressing. It has me wondering if this is the LS I want to be in; maybe it's a case of "the grass is greener over there", but I am also pretty upset with the actions and attitudes of some members recently, and I'm not enjoying most events. I think most people have realised this by now, and if they haven't, here's your wake-up call! haha. I've put a lot of time and energy and faith into this shell though, and it doesn't feel like it's really worth it anymore; the rewards for leading just aren't there.

On a totally different note, I've been taking screenshots of mobs whenever they changed colour, as inspired by ereblog.

And I saw my first ever Mantelet in campaign a few days ago, so I had to take a screenshot.

Oh, and The Long March North (windy [s] quest) has some very sad CS. I repeated it yesterday for some friends, this time tanking the main mob, and man it was tough, one of the hardest things I've tanked. Drks with constant triple attacks are fun. I felt much better about my pld/nin afterwards, though.

Title taken from a kid606 song. I love it, and think the title seemed apt, so I stole it.
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